Application for Admin ×Rist 尊 [Aproved]

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Surf Админ
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Application for Admin ×Rist 尊 [Aproved]

Мнениеот xRist » 10 авг 2019, 02:12

1. Your name? - Kiss László
2. Your age? - 18
3. Where are you from? - Budapest
4. Motivate your desire to become part of our team? - Players using voice chat for trolling (they are screaming, playing different voices that annoys everybody). As an admin i will try to keep the piece on the server.
5. How many hours a day is a minimum you plan to spend on the server? - 2-4 hours
6. Do you have experience with Sourcemod? - No
7. Do you have any experience as an admin? - Yes. I was an admin on a Hungarian combat surf server and on NM Surf.
8. Discord for contact? - ×Rist 尊#1576
9. Steam profile link? -

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Re: Application for Admin ×Rist 尊

Мнениеот Yolo_Time » 10 авг 2019, 21:13

You are a regular on the server and you don't get into any altercations with other players. There are bound to be many players that take the opportunity to ruin everyones fun by screaming and etc. So having an extra set of hands to keep the peace is always a good thing.

I am FOR.
"It gets easier, but you have to do it everyday that's the hard part, but it does get easier."

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Сървър Отговорник
Сървър Отговорник
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Re: Application for Admin ×Rist 尊

Мнениеот SS1914 » 10 авг 2019, 21:52

You will get a chance.

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Big Boss
Big Boss
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Re: Application for Admin ×Rist 尊

Мнениеот sムd?Yes?mムybe??? » 13 авг 2019, 17:32

Searching for brain....
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