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Admin Application

Мнениеот saint » 22 юни 2020, 22:43

1. Your name? - Alex
2. Your age? - 19
3. Where are you from? - Bulgaria
4. Motivate your desire to become part of our team? - Make the server better by suggesting the removal of several bug, exploits, admin abused records, cheated records with autostrafer and maps that crash the server proxy sometimes. (also many spammers and autostafers)
5. How many hours a day is a minimum you plan to spend on the server? - 2-3h
6. Do you have experience with Sourcemod? - Yes
7. Do you have any experience as an admin? - Yes, CS 1.6, been admin for 2 years in their deathrun and speedrun.
8. Discord for contact? - Enter this discord - saint#5555
9. Steam profile link? -

First thing I want to address is the maps that sometimes crash the server after changing to them.
Maps that sometimes crash:
When the server crashes it automatically reverts to a one single map called bhop_alone

Second thing is the cheated records by autostrafers. (I have only checked the !normal records, but they are several cheated ones in different categories like !gravity(normal silent autostrafer, !sideways(usage of the cheat called sideways autostrafe), !backwards(usage the cheat called backwards autostrafe) and mostly in !scroll since it's blatantly obvious an autobhop cheat has been used on them. I have also seen with my own eyes someone using's autostrafer to play)
Cheated maps by external softwares:

Third, maps that their top ones have been beaten by admin abusers:
bhop_aztec (the map has been since removed due to a missing start point glitch)
bhop_stonez (the top 2 is admin abused, the top 1 is mine)

Fourth, the !rankmenu ranks.
The ranks above [Veteran] (280) are in fact impossible to obtain since the map poll is too small to be able to acquire this many rank points.
I have completed every map in the map poll with !normal and !gravity as well as most of the maps with !400vol(parkour) !scroll(parkour) !stock(parokour) !400vol(gravity) !scroll(gravity) !stock(gravity) !ab(parkour) !ab(gravity) and only got 600 points. Maybe lower the points needed to become these ranks or remove them completely.

And lastly one bug that sometimes occurs in bhop_aqua that makes spectators after going back to players possible to kill (they don't show on the scoreboard too and can't do dmg to non-spectators). This bug is very annoying since it ignores the non-clipping and a lot of rage happens when someone gets stuck because of a glitched spectator.

I'd also like to suggest adding a map nomination system. (e.g. !nominate bhop_lego2)

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