Admin Application ( request ) [Denied]

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Admin Application ( request ) [Denied]

Мнениеот mitkashin » 23 юни 2018, 00:15

1. Your name? - Igor Mitevski
2. Your age? - 21
3. Where are you from? - Macedonia
4. Skype for contact with team members? - igor.mite
5. Motivate your desire to become part of the team of csgo.BG? - I've been playing for a long time on the server. i'm pretty experienced with the sourcemod / admin status, also i would like to be a part of your comunity and help you with your servers :)
6. How many hours a day is the minimum you plan to spend on the server? - 4 hours a day, or even more.
7. Do you have experience with Sourcemod? - Yes i do
8. Do you have any story as an administrator? - Yes, in couple of servers mostly on bhop servers ( which they do not work anymore )
9. Your SteamID? - Mitkashin ( STEAM_1:0:434619298 )

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Re: Admin Application ( request )

Мнениеот sムd?Yes?mムybe??? » 23 юни 2018, 00:20

Hey there, thanks for your Application for Admin.
You have only 513 minutes played on our Server, and this is not enough to be Admin here.
Use your time and take a moment to play here, we are searching for Admins here and is gonna be great to have someone here who can take care for this server. At this time i will wish you a great time here, your request for Admin will be denied, you need more time and also some reports for a "bad players", you can make a new Application after 2 months.
Searching for brain....
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