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Мнениеот Se7en » 26 яну 2020, 01:06

Can someone please add those things to the surf server..the server is every day full
Please add !nominate command
Add prestrafe speed (when you hold "a" and "w" maximum speed is 260"
Please fix bonuses zones and some maps zones too like surf_guitar, if you jump the timer starts
Add some new maps and make the map hold longer
Att least 30 mins, 20 is just to little time for surf
Fix the extend vote, you need to press "8" for "next" and then "1" for "extend" people don t extend maps..
Fix the code stuff that is on the screen when you surf,is very broken
And this is not necesary but it would be nice to have stage records, more players and more fun
If someone add those stuff i would be very happy
I just broked some records and i want to keep going
Anyway i enjoy playing on this server
Much much love <3

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csgo Мнения: 231
Регистриран на: 26 дек 2016, 02:05
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Мнениеот MrPotatoGuy » 26 яну 2020, 19:59

Thank you for these suggestions!

I will look into them and I will get back to you in a couple of day :)

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